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Our Focus

Conservation Legacy is a national organization dedicated to fostering conservation service in support of communities and ecosystems. Conservation Legacy is a purposeful and strategic organization that operates a national cadre of corps and service programs that:

Engage Young Americans in Service. Conservation Legacy provides service, training, education and employment opportunities for community members, including low income and disadvantaged youth and veterans. Each of its programs targets a diversity of participants, reflective of their community, to engage as participants.

Conserve, protect, and promote each community’s greatest gifts. Conservation Legacy maintains, restores and enhances public and tribal lands and waters as well as natural, cultural, and historical resources and treasures that meet locally identified needs.

Build America’s future. Conservation Legacy helps develop a generation of skilled workers, educated and active citizens, future leaders, and stewards of natural and cultural resources and communities.

Conservation Legacy is distinctly different from the other national conservation corps organizations in the following ways:

  • Program Operations. Conservation Legacy focuses on directly operating programs rather than playing ‘association’ type roles.
  • Limited Advocacy. While Conservation Legacy engages in some advocacy activities and supports national corps efforts, Conservation Legacy is primarily focused on operating conservation service programs.
  • Local Approach. Conservation Legacy does not plan to operate in all 50 states, but instead in local areas where it establishes offices, engages local participants, coordinates a local advisory committee, and responds to local needs. Rather than focus on a national identity, each Conservation Legacy program has local branding reflective of the programming and needs of the local community.



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